Dressta Bulldozer TD-10M

Price: $213,600+GST NZD

* The products provide Quality Assurance for 1 year or 2000 hours.

*Make and Model: Cummins QSB4.5
Type: 4-Cycle Diesel Turbocharged, ECM, Direct start, Direct injection
**Gross Horsepower: 82 kW (110 hp) @2500 rpm
***Net Flywheel Power 76 kW (101 hp) @2500 rpm

Maximun Torque:414 Nm (305 ft lb) @1500 rpm

Number of Cylinders: 4

Displacement: 4.5 L (275in³)

Bore and Stroke: 102 x 137.7 mm (4.02” x 5.42”)

Lubrication, Full Flow Filtering: Full Pressure

Number of Main Bearings: 5

Electrical System: 12 V
Air Cleaner: Two Stage, Dry Type With Service Indicator

* Meets EU Stage II and EPA Tier 2 emission regulations
** Output of complete engine operating under SAE J1995 conditions
*** Flywheel power-output of standard engine complete with fan, air cleaner, alternator
(not charging), water pump, lubricating oil pump and fuel pump, per SAE J1349

Operating Weight: 8,797 kg
Fuel Capacity: 170 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity: 24.9 L
Crankcase: 10.4 L
Transmission & Steering Drive: 70 L
Final Drives Fluid Capacity: 15.1 L

Length with Blade and Ripper: 4,800 mm
Width, Blade Straight: 2,820 mm
Width, Blade Angled: 2,570 mm

Ground Pressure: 38.6 kpa
Ground Contact Area:2.2 m²
Standard Shoe Size:508 mm
Number of Shoes per Side: 39
Track Pitch: 165 mm
Track Adjustment: Full Hydraulic

Type: Modular Counterhaft Tye Full Power Shift, Elector-Hydraulically Actuate
Number of Forward Gears: 3
Number of Reverse Gears: 3
Final Drives Fluid Capacity: 10 km/h
Max Speed-Reverse: 11.9 km/h

Pump, tandem gear: Output @ 3.45 MPa (500 psi)
Relief Valve Pressure: 15,512 kPa
Pump Flow Capacity:75.2 L/min
Cylinders, Bore and Stroke Lift (2):89 x 449 mm (3.5” x 17.7”)
Angle (2):89 x 352mm (3.5” x 13.9”)
Tilt (1):89 x 144 mm (3.5” x 5.7”)
Reservoir with sight gauge, system capacity, right fender mounted, includes cylinders & lines:51 L (13.5 gal)

Width Over End Bits: 2,820 mm (9’3”)
Height: 990 mm (3’3”)
Max. Lift, Straight: 870 mm (34.3”)
Max. Drop Below Ground Level: 420 mm (16.5”)
Max. Tilt Adjustment: 420 mm (16.5”)
Blade Angle, Either Side: 25 °