LAUNCH Diagnostic Product X431 PAD 2

Price: $6,500 NZD

* All listed prices are GST exclusive and do not include any delivery fee or assembly cost.

Based on 20 years of research and development the X 431 PAD II the most powerful, competitively priced diagnostic scan tool in the market.

A full range of coverage 50 makes in total. It can communicate with Engine, ABS, SRS, Immobilizer, Body control and more. Read ECU information, Read & Erase fault codes, Read live data stream digitally or in waveform Actuation test, ECU coding and it also has special functions. The X 431 PAD II has the application advantage of the mobile internet which could share maintenance and vehicle repair cases from the database of the DBSCar network which can provide instant maintenance information, create public and private circle community’s which are self run and created.