LiuGong Roller 6113H

Price: $157,300+GST NZD

* The products provide Quality Assurance for 1 year or 2000 hours.

Emission Regulation: Tier 3 / Stage IIIA
Make: Cummins
Model: QSB4.5
Gross Power: 116 kW (150 hp) @ 2,000 rpm
Peak Torque: 622 N · m @ 2,000 rpm
Number of Cylinders: 4
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Cooling Type: Water

System Voltage: 24 V

Theoretical Gradeability, without / with Vibration: 50%
Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
Maximum Speed, fwd: 12.5 km/h
Inside Turning Radius: < 5,270 mm Outside Turning Radius: < 7,400 mm AXLES Steering System: Hydraulic Steering Method: Articulation Steering Angle: ±35° Steering Relief Pressure: 16 MPa Differential Rear Type: Limited slip BRAKES Service Brake Type: Hydraulic Service Brake Actuation: Hydraulic Parking Brake Actuation: Mechanical apply, Hydraulic release TIRES Tire Size: 23.1-26-12PR Tire Tread: G-23 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Main Pump Type: Piston pump + Piston pump Main Relief Pressure: 40 + 35 MPa PERFORMANCE Static Linear Front Drum Load: 322 N/CM Number of Vibrating Drum: 1 Nominal Amplitude Range: 1.9 / 0.9mm Vibration Frequency Range: 30/ 33Hz Centrifugal Force Range: 270/ 150 kN Number of Amplitude Settings: 2 Drum width: 2,130 mm Drum diameter: 1,500 mm OPERATING WEIGHTS Operating Weight: 13,000 kg Weight on Front Drum: 7,000 kg Weight on Tires: 6,000 kg SERVICE CAPACITIES Fuel Tank: 230 L Engine Oil: 11 L Cooling System: 25 L OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Padfoot Drum Segment Kit ( PDH ) Rotary Beacon Backup Alarm