MTS Workshop Equipment Oil Free Silencing Air Compressor 50L

Price: $943 NZD

* All listed prices are GST exclusive and do not include any delivery fee or assembly cost.

Power: 0.58*2kW Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Current: 5.6A Speed: 1440rpm
Intake volume: 212L/min Exhaust volume: 72L/min
Exhaust pressure: 8BAR Noise: 70dB(A)
Tank: 50L Weight: 39.5kg
Size 70*38*61cm

Product Advantages:

Compare the traditional air compressor,our oil-free silencing air-compressor has these advantages;

1. Our air compressor doesn't need to use oil, so there is no need to do any maintenance in its lifetime. It will be quite easy for many customers who are not professional to serve this kind of machine.

2. The air quality will be very clean without any oil.

3. There is no noise , which will not only make the customers comfortable when it works. In fact, according to our experience, many of our customers even put our air compressor in their workshop, which this can save a lot of money. If they use traditional air-compressor, they have to put the air-compressor far away from their workshop to avoid the loud noise. A lot of air hoses are required to transfer the air source. Because there is only very low sound for this compressor, they can put it in the workshop straight way, which will save a lot of cost for air hoses and fittings. It also reduces the air waste during the transfer which can save your power.

4. Spare parts available.

5. As it is so clean to run this type of oil free silencing air compressor, it can be used in many special fields, such as the hospital, Dental, food factory, lab as well as the automotive workshop.

6. According to our lab test, this oil-free air compressor silencing saves more than 15% energy compare with the other traditional air-compressor.