SINOPEC Heavy Duty Automotive Gear Oil

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SINOPEC Heavy Duty Automotive Gear Oil is blended with highly refined base stock oils of high viscosity index and well-chosen sulphur and phosphor multi-functional additives by internationally advanced process. It can meet the strict application requirements for drive axle of various vehicle manufacturers, large scale military or civil mixed fleet, or construction machinery. It also provides the 110 grade of oil, more options for clients, as per requirements of SAE J306.


♦ Well-chosen sulphur and phosphor compound additive, providing outstanding anti-wear property and carrying capacity, being capable of working in such strict conditions as climbing slope with heavy load, emergency brake and so on

♦ Outstanding thermal resistance and oxidation stability, effectively reducing formation of oxide

♦ Excellent extreme pressure and shock resistance abilities, effectively preventing chemical actions such as corrosion or spalling on surface of gear

♦ Balanced formulation, producing good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties

Performance specification

The product meets the following specifications:

♦ API GL-5

♦ MIL-L-2105D

♦ Benz MB 235.6

♦ GB 13895-92

♦ Q/SH PRD 155-2008


♦ Suitable for lubrication of drive axle (front/rear axle) and some transmission gears, especially for vehicles with hyperbolic gears, adaptable to conditions of high speed/low torque, low speed/large torque or high speed/shock load