SINOPEC L-HG Slide-Way Hydraulic Oil

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SINOPEC L-HG slide-way hydraulic oil is blended with paraffine-based mineral base oil and well-chosen additive, suitable for lubrication of hydraulic and slide-way combined system. The product comprises several grades such as 32, 46, 68, 100 and 120 according to its kinematic viscosity at 40ºC.


♦ Good sticky-sliding performance, avoiding occurrence of creeping

♦ Good anti-wear performance, reducing wear of equipment

♦ Good anti-oxidation stability, anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance

♦ Good adaptability to rubber, effectively protecting sealing material


The product meets the following specifications:

♦ GB 11118.1 (L-HG)

♦ Q/SH303 035-2007

♦ Cincinnati P53


♦ Suitable for lubrication of low/moderate pressure hydraulic system and slide-way of high precision machine tool

Typical properties