SINOPEC Multi-Purpose Lithium Base Grease

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Thickened by lithium 12-hydroxystearate, SINOPEC Multi-Purpose Lithium Base Grease is made from deeply refined mineral oil with rust and oxidation inhibitors and other additives. It can substitute calcium and sodium base grease. AdapTABLE to different lubricating device. No.1 grease can be used in centralized lubricating system and No.2 and No.3 can be transfusioned by hand tools. According to GB/T 7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), it can be classified as follow:L-XBCHA00, L-XBCHA0,L-XBCHA1,L-XBCHA2,L-XBCHA3.

Features & Benefits

· Multi-purpose with excellent mechanical and oxidation stability.

· Good water resistant and anti-rust properties. Can be applied to equipments under moist and water presented conditions.

· Do not contain any heavy metal, nitrite and other chemicals that do harm to human’s health and pollute environment.

Technical specification

· Meets the following performance specification: GB 7324-94.


· It is suitable for lubricating rolling bearing, sliding bearing and other friction points of general mechanical equipments.

· Application temperature range:-20ºC to 120ºC.


· Prevent water and impurities during storage and transportation.

· Do not mix with other type of grease.

· Do not heat before using.

Typical Properties